Say your “Yes, I do” in the most romantic places of the world


Do you dream about untraditional wedding at unusual place that inspired artists, poets or movie makers? And what about to enjoy wedding and honeymoon in one? If you prefer to live your dreams and you would like to remember the most important decision in your life forever, contact us. We will find together the best solution for you. Wedding abroad – never has been easier!

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Your Italian wedding guide

Why Italy?

Italy is one of the most well known wedding destinations of world celebrities and stars. George Clooney married his fiancée Amal in Venice, Rod Stewart married in Portofino, Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel promised their vows in Puglia, Kim Kardashian in Florence. Become also “star“ in your own movie called “Our wedding”.
Pack your suitcase, leave everything at home and just travel. Upon your return home you are newlyweds. Great idea, right?

Italy is country of historical cities, harmonic nature, endless sun and excellent cuisine, but also it is acountry full of romance. It has many photogenic places that will stay in your mind forever.
If you pick Venice, Rome, lake Como or countryside of Tuscany, everytime you go through your wedding album, the magical moments of your wedding will be there.

How to enjoy your own wedding?

Soon-to-be-husband-and-wife are always very busy with all the wedding preparation and sometimes they are not able to enjoy their special day. Especially those demanding guests that expect them to spend together every single second. Our philosophy says that wedding should be experience especially for you and even after for your guests. Our Tuscany by 1st class change your wedding into incredible and unique experience. Do not waste your time by looking for space, catering or decorations.

We are team of experienced professionals with sense of aesthetics. Our special taste and our advisors will change your dreams into real and unforgettable experience. Mission is not completed in the moment when the rings are on your fingers. Not only wedding, but also honeymoon! Other unique moments wait for you: interesting trips and excursions, guided tours, visits of exclusive places, cooking courses, courses of jewelry making, seaside trips or gourmain dinners. We make your dreams and wishes come true ...

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